From the conception to the manufacture of Aromatherapeutic and Phyto Cosmetic products.  

We are located in Cabarete, in the north of Dominican Republic, where we perform all our activities, from research and development, formulation, packaging design to quality control. Our expertise makes us real ‘Aroma and Phyto Cosmetics Creators’ for personal care and well-being.  From here we will investigate and develop innovative distillation of essential oil and fragrance.

R & D

We research new and innovative ways to distillate therapeutic grades essential oils and fragrances  in and from Dominican Republic and India. 


We put all our aromatherapy & phyto cosmetic expertise into serving our customers, to develop and implement their projects using a clear and effective methodology.  

Our RTU!  

Linarôm  is a brand of aromatherapy and phyto cosmetics, safe, easy and ready to use promoting the efficacy of essential oils in everyday health and wellness.


Active research partner of INDAS ORGANIK terpenes, Located in Nepal in India. Only available for limited European and American markets. 

 With our multidisciplinary aromatherapeutic expertise and partnerships we can manufacture formulations of all types, including cream, milk,oil, gel, serum, masks, balms, shampoo, rubs, etc.

Aroma & Phyto Cosmetic.   

Saho S.R.L. is a Dominican Aromatherapy firm that specialises in high value-added, precision, innovative and natural cosmetic development.

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